A Slice Of Heaven: Freshly Baked Bread

April 23, 2024
sliced bread from zingerman's bakehouse

Photo courtesy of Zingerman's Bakehouse

If there’s one food that draws immediate responses and lots of suggestions, it is asking people where to find great bread offerings within the Metro Detroit area. We are carb crazy for good reason – there are incredible bakeries across the area where artisans offer crusty, warm loaves of delicious yeasty goodness. Each bakery brings its unique flavors and stories, making the city a vibrant hub for bread lovers. We’re exploring the tales and tastes of Metro Detroit’s beloved bakeries, where the smell of freshly baked bread is as comforting as the warmth it brings.

Here are some local shops and bakeries for finding your new favorite bread in Metro Detroit…


880 West Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth

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Boule Artisan Bakery welcomes you with the aroma of freshly baked bread while in Plymouth. This bakery, known for its traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients, provides a quaint reminder of the simple pleasures of a well-baked loaf. From seasonal Irish soda bread to sourdoughs, challah braids, and of course, the artisan boules. Boule Artisan Bakery has fresh choices for everyone. Beyond the bread, you’ll find expertly decorated sugar cookies, scones, and other delicious sweets to enjoy. 


29100 Schoenherr Road, Warren

Tringali’s is a traditional Italian bakery with delicious deli offerings, heavenly cannoli, and wonderful bread choices. With a history dating back to the 1960s, Tringali’s Bakery is a delightful neighborhood spot that everyone should seek out. The ciabatta rolls are worth a trip alone, but the focaccia, calabrese, and homemade Italian bread are amazing as well. If you’re looking for a hearty sub bun or a soup bowl, Tringali’s is the place to be. Don’t forget to pick up a couple of pastries while you’re there, either. 


3711 Plaza Drive, Ann Arbor

At Zingerman’s Bakehouse, innovation is key. “What began with 8 bakers and 5 bread recipes in 1992, has grown into dozens of bakers and well over 60 bread recipes today,” shares Corynn Coscia, Marketing Manager. Zingerman’s commitment to natural leavening and freshly milled flour showcases its dedication to quality and flavor. “Stop by and ask for a sample of whatever catches your eye. We think you’ll really taste the difference.” Some top sellers are the chocolate cherry, parmesan pepper, and Dinkelbrot bread, which is a German loaf made with notes of Michigan honey and savory spices and coated in a layer of toasted sunflower seeds. Others to try are the chile cheddar, chocolate chunk sourdough, and the peppered bacon farm breads. 

zingerman's bakehouse true north partially sliced loaf of bread with a dish of herb butter
Photo courtesy of Zingerman’s Bakehouse


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Step into Cannelle Patisserie, and you’re instantly transported to the streets of Paris. Here, the art of French baking is alive, with croissants so buttery and baguettes so crisp that one bite will whisk you away to the scenic banks of France. The croissants come in sweet and savory options, ranging from bacon and gruyere and ham and asiago to apricot and raspberry chocolate. The focaccia has notes of rosemary, basil, and tomato, and is oh-so delicious. The braided brioche can’t be missed either, along with the classic Italian bread.


441 West Canfield, Detroit

1049 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

120 East Liberty, Ann Arbor

Avalon is a staple for those in Metro Detroit. General Manager Michael Shelton shares Avalon is, “Proud to be part of the Detroit community for over 25 years now. We have been the hearth and soul of Detroit since 1997 with a focus and passion on brunch, lunch, bakery items, and specialty coffees.” Many of the menu items feature various breads, like grilled sourdough for warm sandwiches at the Woodward location and challah rolls and farm bread that is perfect for toast in Ann Arbor. If you’d prefer a loaf of bread to go, there are always fresh options at the order counter. 

rolling shelves lined with loaves of bread from avalon cafe and bakery
Photo courtesy of Avalon Café and Bakery


931 North Main Street, Royal Oak

If you’re a fan of pizza, this spot is probably already on your radar. Crispelli’s Bakery is the powerhouse behind the beloved pizzeria, assisting in the preparation needed for the delicious pies we all enjoy. Not only is pizza dough freshly made here, but also breads, desserts, and coffee are available. As for the bread, there are quite a few to choose from when you want a loaf or two. The deli wheat is great for sandwiches, as is the multigrain. For dips or platters, the Kalamata olive and the lemon rosemary are top choices. On the sweeter side, you’ll find cinnamon marble, and for a savory choice, the tomato and parmesan sesame semolina has roasted garlic notes. 


4884 Grand River Avenue, Detroit

Despite the name, Detroit Institute of Bagels offers much more than bagels (which are also delicious). “DIB is home to plenty of varieties of fine bagels and breads, which are sourdough-based and naturally leavened. We are lucky to have one of the best bakers in Detroit (or maybe the world), whose attention to detail allows for consistently beautiful bakes that are appreciated by many,” shares Customer Service and Communications Manager Anna Boyer. “Alongside our core bagels and breads, we pride ourselves in having fun and tasty food creations, whether it be in our flavored cream cheeses or specials we run.” Some of the bread offered at DIB include sourdough, deli rye, and whole wheat, many with ingredients from a Michigan farm. 

detroit institute of bagels display of various bagels and loaves of bread
Photo courtesy of Detroit Institute of Bagels


1780 Mount Elliot Street, Detroit

On the Rise Bakery & Cafe is more than just a place to get your bread. It’s a bakery and cafe through the Capuchin Soup Kitchen that offers second chances and supports the community by providing training and employment opportunities to those in need. With each purchase, you are assisting in supportive housing, counseling, education, and self-help programs. The bakery portion offers a variety of sweets, from muffins and pies to sticky buns and peach cobbler. The bread selection is also impressive, with options like pumpernickel, farmer’s rye, cinnamon or pecan raisin, and even gluten-free loaves.

This article has been updated to include new information. The original article was published on April 5, 2019, and was authored by Karen Dybis.