Warm, Fresh, Bread in the D

By: Karen Dybis | April 5, 2019
Three packaged loaves of bread from Cornwall Bakery

Image courtesy of Cornwall Bakery

If there’s one food that draws immediate responses and lots of suggestions, it is asking people where to find great bread offerings within Metro Detroit. We are carb crazy for good reason – there are incredible bakeries across the area that offer crusty, warm loaves of delicious yeasty goodness.

Pretzel bread loaf

Photo courtesy of Cornwall Bakery

Freeman Gunnell, owner of Cornwall Bakery in Grosse Pointe Park, counts himself among those who love bread and everything having to do with its preparation, baking and eating. The chef of more than 20 years has a passion for good bread and says Metro Detroit has a long heritage of creating memorable moments out of breaking bread together.

Gunnell not only bakes bread for his popular East side bakery, but Cornwall is now producing bread under its own label for sale at Dearborn Sausage Company in Roseville and Dearborn as well as DeVries & Company 1887 in Eastern Market and Western Fruit & Meat Market in Ferndale.

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“Bread really is specific to certain regions; it speaks to the backgrounds of the people who live and work” in Metro Detroit, Gunnell said. “People here grew up on certain kinds of bread, so it means a lot to them.”

That creativity and bonds with tradition make some amazing breads. Here are some local shops for finding your new favorite in Metro Detroit:

Flatbread with toppings

Photo courtesy of Cornwall Bakery

  • Cornwall Bakery: Gunnell makes an amazing loaf of German sourdough rye. Also check out the bakery’s French baguettes, pretzel bread for dynamite sandwiches and its flavored breads such as Garlic Ranch and Honey Mustard.
  • Boule Artisan Bakery: This Plymouth mainstay is popular because of its classics, such as whole wheat, as well as its creative side. Regulars recommend the jalapeno cheddar boule as wonderful burst of flavor.
  • Trinagli’s Bakery: It’s a neighborhood bakery of sorts, but this Warren favorite has a long history of baking the best in Italian breads. Customers say the ciabatta rolls are worth the extra drive if you live out of town.
  • Cannelle Patisserie: There is something to be said for flaky, fresh croissants on a spring weekend. According to those in the know, this Birmingham specialty bakery makes croissants that are “mind melting.” That’s a strong recommendation.
  • Avalon International Breads: There’s a reason why people cannot get enough of the breads at this Detroit legend. Every loaf is like a little prize, formed with love. Its manta of “Eat Well, Do Good” truly symbolizes its dedication to bread at all five of its locations.
  • Crispelli’s Bakery & Pizzeria: When this Berkley bakery talks about bread, it does so in all capital letters – that’s how important bread and the process is to its staff. Check out all three of its locations as well as the mini baguettes with fresh salmon for a Lenten treat.
  • Zingerman’s Bakehouse: Yes, it is a bit out of the way in Ann Arbor, but you can find its fresh-baked bread throughout Metro Detroit. But there is something about seeing the bread between the legendary Zingerman’s sandwiches in person that makes the mouth water even more.
  • Detroit Institute of Bagels: Yes, you have to add a bagel joint to the list, mostly because the bagels at this Corktown shop are delicious, light and make excellent holders of sandwich ingredients. The Everything bagel is soft yet crusty with just the right amount of toppings.