Croissants: Fluffy, Buttery, and Worth Every Bite!

February 13, 2024
almond croissant with cutlery from Cannelle by Matt Knio photographed by Cat Sareini

Photo courtesy of Cat Sareini

It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s delicious. In Metro Detroit lies an unexpected delight for the senses: the art of crafting the perfect croissant. This delicate pastry, with its inspiration traced back to Austria and perfected in France, has found a welcoming home in the Motor City. Among the culinary artisans dedicated to this craft, many stand out for their commitment to quality, tradition, and the sheer joy of shared moments over a delicious croissant. Check out some of the spots in Metro Detroit with that sweet, buttery, flaky goodness we all crave from time to time…


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

At Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters (DOCR), the philosophy is simple yet profound: it’s the small details that often hold the most significance. Nathan Hamood, President and Director of Coffee, encapsulates this ethos through the approach to both coffee and pastries. “DOCR seeks to bring people together over the small details, that are really more important than we often give them credit. Whether it’s an exceptional, meticulously sourced hand-crafted coffee from a renowned coffee producer you’re having in the morning to kick off your day, or as a moment of peace in your afternoon or evening or one of our hand-crafted desserts and pastries shared with a friend over some conversation, we believe these moments are so meaningful,” shares Hamood. The butter and chocolate croissant choices are just a few among the pastries and desserts that are all baked in-house at Dessert Oasis Coffee Roasters. Pair one with a cup of expertly roasted coffee or delicious hot chocolate, and you’ve got the perfect combination. 

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225 South Main Street, Rochester

3800 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

317 South Main Street, Royal Oak

At Give Thanks Bakery, the owners bring a passion for baking and their German-American heritage to create delicious breads and pastries from traditional European baking techniques. Here, croissants take on a sweet and savory role. For those looking for a sweeter option, choose between the butter, almond, Belgian chocolate, and almond chocolate options. If you’d prefer a savory croissant, check out the ham and cheese or spinach and feta choices. On Saturdays, Give Thanks Bakery has pretzel croissants, with Swiss cheese, stoneground mustard, and pretzel salt for the best of both worlds. 


45 West Grand River Avenue

With the most croissant choices of all the places on this list, we have Cannelle by Matt Knio. Pastry Chef and Owner Matt Knio is a Master Artesian in Pastry Arts from the Academies De Versailles. He shares that, “Cannelle has been serving Detroiters delicious croissants and desserts for over two decades.” Under his guidance, Cannelle bakers employ classic French techniques and exceptional quality ingredients, ensuring every pastry is not just baked but crafted. “Truly artisanal, each croissant is hand-formed to ensure it has the perfect combination of flaky exterior and airy interior. With over 20 sweet or savory croissants to choose from, anyone can find a taste of Paris to enjoy at Cannelle!” Sweet croissant choices include chocolate raspberry, apricot, chocolate pistachio, cherry, black and blueberry, and more. On the savory side, you’ll find bacon and gruyere, goat cheese, olive, and oregano, and feta and basil choices, to name a few. 

croissant and latte in the window of Cannelle by Matt Knio photographed by Cat Sareini
Photo courtesy of Cat Sareini


2771 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Nestled in Midtown, Fourteen East Cafe is more than just coffee and baked goods. It’s a sanctuary for those who enjoy art, light meals, gourmet coffee, and soft music. Open daily, Fourteen East offers a couple of croissants on its menus. For a breakfast pastry, choose between chocolate, ham and Swiss, or turkey and Swiss croissants. For lunch, you can do the chicken salad croissant sandwich, which is a crowd favorite with oven-roasted chicken, red grapes, and mayo, or the toasted ham and cheese croissant. If the sandwich won’t be enough for you, turn your order into a lunchbox by adding a cup of soup. 


33179 Grand River, Farmington

Dagwood’s Deli, known for its hearty sandwiches and vibrant atmosphere, might not be the first place you’d expect to find an exemplary croissant. Yet, here lies the beauty of discovery. A signature croissant sandwich is the Blondie. Three simple ingredients (well, four if you count the croissant): tons of ham, melted muenster cheese, and Dijon mustard. Everything combines into a flavorful sandwich with a rich, buttery taste thanks to that oh-so-delicious croissant. If the Blondie doesn’t strike your fancy, there are quite a few other croissant sandwiches to choose from, including chicken cordon bleu, veggie, and tuna salad options. If you want a more customized sandwich, select from the ‘Sandwich Board,’ but don’t forget to choose the croissant as your base!


6525 Telegraph Road, Bloomfield Hills

Chez Pierre et Genevieve transports you to the streets of Paris with every bite of its French pastries, including the croissants. This establishment prides itself on authenticity, using only the finest ingredients imported from France to replicate the same flavors you’d find abroad. The result is croissants that balance crispiness and softness, with a buttery flavor that lingers long after the last crumb has been savored. With flavor choices of almond, chocolate, Nutella, pistachio, and raspberry, each is a culinary journey to France, without having to leave the Metro Detroit area.

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