Sweet, Savory, Sandwiches: Exquisite Croissants in the D

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 30, 2017
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It’s sweet. It’s savory. It’s delicious. It’s National Croissant Day and what better way to celebrate than sampling some of the best croissants in town? Here are five places in metro Detroit with that sweet, buttery, flaky goodness we all crave from time to time.

14 East Cafe

Located in Midtown, 14 East Cafe is more than just coffee and baked goods. Every weekday, 14 East offers a sandwich & salad lunchbox, but with the sandwich on offer rotating daily, you’ll need to keep on eye on its Facebook page to get the lowdown. There’s one sandwich we like to keep an eye out for: the chicken salad sandwich on a buttery croissant — a best seller.

Dagwood’s Deli

Now, I’ve mentioned Dagwood’s in the past, but I haven’t mentioned its signature croissant sandwich, Blondie. Three simple ingredients (well, four if you count the croissant): tons of ham, melted muenster cheese and dijon mustard. Everything combines into a flavorful sandwich with a rich, buttery taste thanks to that oh so delicious croissant. If Blondie doesn’t strike your fancy, head over to the “Sandwich Board” to build your own sandwich — just don’t forget to choose the croissant!

Astro Coffee

Two words: almond croissant. Two more words: weekends only. We know, we know. Why only serve something so delicious just on the weekends? The way we see it, when you covet something, not having it makes you want it more. Clever move, Astro Coffee. We’ve got our eye you (and your delicious almond croissant).

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Le Petit Zinc

Taking its name from the French slang for a local bar, Le Petit Zinc in Corktown has fresh croissants, served with jam, on offer daily. It’s the salmon croissant (smoked salmon, egg and an aioli basil spread) that is only offered as a special of the day from time to time that will leave a lasting impression.

Pastry Peddler Bakery & Cafe

If you take a trip to this quaint bakery in Ann Arbor on National Croissant Day, you’ll have three great options. The butter croissant is what you’d expect. Just a plain croissant that’ll satisfy a small craving. The piece de resistance are the chocolate croissants and the almond croissants. The former will make the chocolate lovers coming back for more, but it’s the latter that will surprise. A rich almond paste near the center of the croissant is the cherry on top (or center) of this small treat. Be warned: Pastry Peddler is closed Sundays and typically closes at 2 p.m. otherwise (3 p.m. on Saturdays).