Metro Detroiters Warm Up with Spicy Mulled Wine Selections

By: Karen Dybis | January 19, 2022
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Certain spicy smells define wintertime in Michigan–the crisp, fresh air as snow falls, the hot chocolate your mom made after a sledding run and the warmth of someone whipping up a batch of mulled wine or, better yet, opening a pre-made bottle of mulled wine for all to enjoy.

This traditional wintertime drink is something both easy to make with the wines found in many Metro Detroit stores as well as fun to have around for dinner parties. It is sometimes referred to as “hot wine,” or glogg, but no matter what you call it, it is a great way to warm up with friends and family around a fire or dining-room table. 

If you are buying your wine from a local purveyor, conventional wisdom has it that you don’t have to buy the best wine in the store. You can if you want, but a nice middle-of-the-road red or even a nice dry white wine works in this drink. You want something with fruit flavors if you like that kind of wine. Recommended wines include Merlot, Grenache or Zinfandel. 

For ingredients, it is really up to your taste. But most people enjoy adding fresh orange to the mix as well as as a decoration. You will need mulling spices, which include things like cloves, star anise and cardamom. You also will want to include some cinnamon sticks to make it initially or dashes of ground cinnamon if that’s what you have in your pantry. 

Here are some places to find pre-made mulled wine to heat up or great stores where you can buy the wine and some of the other ingredients as needed. 

Detroit Fleat

Every year, Detroit Fleat makes its wintertime cocktail list, and mulled wine is always nice enough to make the cut. To its bartenders, mulled wine is an ideal way to stay warm and enjoy a pitcher with friends. You can get a pitcher to share, a single cocktail to go or a mix of both. You can order online for curbside carryout or enjoy it together inside or in one of its outdoor igloos.

Mudgie’s Deli & Wine Shop

This Detroit favorite has a huge wine selection, and someone on staff can help you select the right wine for the occasion. They also do a nice mulled wine in store on occasion, so be on the lookout for that wintertime treat to go along with its monster sandwiches, fresh soups and well-made salads on the menu. 

Michigan By the Bottle

These tasting rooms offer a terrific wine bar experience as well as a vast array of wines to select to take home for another time. Their staff is well qualified to give recommendations as to what wine might make the best to mull, so don’t be shy to pick out a few bottles so you can experiment when you get home. 

The Royce Detroit

Head downtown to this wine shop and wine bar, where community and good times with friends means everything. There is a good reason why The Royce was voted one of Wine Enthusiast’s top 50 retailers in the United States. There is a broad selection of wines there, and the employees can curate the best wine for your mulling pleasure. 

Cellar 313

Head to Grosse Pointe Park for this intimate wine shop and tasting experience. You can try wines from around the world, and there is sure to be a mulled wine in the mix for a wintertime treat. You also can join the Cellar 313 Wine Club or host private parties here so you can sample everything in style with your friends and family.