Rack ‘Em Up: 5 Top Rib Spots in the D

June 29, 2023
Slab of ribs from Lazybones Smokehouse

Photo courtesy of Lazybones Smokehouse

There’s one food item that comes with tons of different opinions when it comes to cooking methods, flavors, and sauces: ribs. With what seems to be endless varieties and options of preparations and seasonings, many people pick a favorite and never deviate from their choice. Here in Metro Detroit, we have many BBQ masters preparing ribs in their favorite way and we’re lucky enough to get to try all of them. The next time you’re craving ribs, check out one of these restaurants. 

Slows Bar BQ

Corktown and Midtown

Slows Bar BQ is a popular Detroit destination for all things BBQ that started with their Corktown restaurant. “Slows Bar BQ has served chef-driven Bar BQ since 2005. Today we operate our flagship Corktown restaurant, our catering and carryout outpost SLOWS TO GO in Midtown, a full-service restaurant in Grand Rapids, and a pair of food trucks that can be found nightly around the metro area.” Slows offers Baby Back Ribs on their menu, which are seasoned with their secret blend of spices. They also have Rib Tips which are hickory smoked and glazed with Slows’ classic BBQ sauce.

Baby Back Ribs from Slows BBQ
Award-winning Baby Back Ribs from Slows Bar BQ

Lazybones Smokehouse

27475 Groesbeck Highway, Roseville

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Lazybones Smokehouse has been around for almost ten years serving amazing BBQ. “In 2004, Chef Deni took his parent’s truck-stop diner and turned it into Metro Detroit’s number one BBQ location! Being a classically trained Chef, he uses his knowledge to create mouthwatering, down-to-earth recipes that have earned the loyalty and following of local and destination foodies alike!” Lazybones offers St. Louis Spare Ribs as well as Detroit Style Rib Tips in every combination you can imagine. Pair it with one of their ten different BBQ sauces and you’ll be in heaven! 

Ribs from Lazybones Smokehouse
Ribs from Lazybones Smokehouse

Union Woodshop

18 South Main Street, Clarkston

Union Woodshop is a popular spot for all things BBQ in the small downtown of Clarkston. They start all their meat with a rub and then place it on the green hickory smoker behind the restaurant that’s always running at low heat. You can order St. Louis Ribs or Back Ribs, each a bit different in texture and meatiness. Try your ribs with one of their seven homemade sauces.

Ribs and assorted sides from Union Woodshop
Ribs and assorted sides from Union Woodshop

Woodpile BBQ Shack

Clawson and Madison Heights

Woodpile BBQ Shack believes that all BBQ meat needs is wood smoke and time. Because of this philosophy, when they sell out of something for the day, it’s gone until the next one, so they encourage their customers to stop by early for their favorites. Both locations serve up St. Louis ribs in either half or full slabs. They offer four different sauces to accompany their smoked meats as well as a variety of side dishes. 

Lockhart’s BBQ

202 East 3rd Street, Royal Oak 

Lockhart’s BBQ was created after owners Drew and Rick did extensive research across the major BBQ destinations of the South and combined their favorite parts of each one. They came up with Detroit Style BBQ: begin with a rub, low and slow heat, and sauce as an option at the end. They offer ribs in a few ways: as a sandwich, in full or half slabs of St. Louis spare ribs, or on a platter as a combination.