These Local Restaurants Are Good for You and the Environment

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | January 18, 2019
Socially Conscious

January is almost over; have you been able to keep your resolutions? Eating better is usually at the top of people’s resolutions, but if you want to take it a step further, we encourage you to look into an environmentally conscious diet as well. Many local restaurants have made it a priority to decrease their carbon footprint over the past few years, so there are really no excuses. Here are four restaurants in Metro Detroit that not only offer up great food, but conscious food as well.

Detroit Sip

Delivering a small coffeehouse feel with a delicious menu, Detroit Sip is the perfect place to warm up this winter while being productive. Since opening its doors in November 2017, Detroit Sip has been incredibly active in the community including petitioning for the government to instal decorative garbage cans on the sidewalks to make the area more vibrant. On the environmental side, the coffeehouse donates its grounds for people to use as soap, fertilizer, and even artwork.

GreenSpace Cafe

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If you’re looking for meals that are not only good for you, but are good for the environment, check out Ferndale’s Green Space Cafe. The cafe’s artisanal, plant-based menu has plenty of lunch, brunch, and dinner options however their drink menu, cleverly titled Conscious Cocktails, make it easy for you to enjoy a drink knowing it’s environmentally smart. The drink menu features organic beers and seasonal mixers like raw organic apple juice and local botanicals making them both better for you and the environment.

Brome Modern Eatery

There are plenty of great hamburger spots in Metro Detroit, but none that are as organic or healthy than at Brome Modern Eatery. They practice many social and environmental conscious procedures including sourcing their food from food vendors that responsibly raise their vegetables and animals. This includes 100% organic beef that only comes from grass-fed cows. Their commitment to increasing efficiency and decreasing waste has made them one of the most socially conscious restaurants in Metro Detroit.

The Inn Season Cafe

Since its doors opened in 1981, The Inn Season Cafe has been committed to serving wholesome vegan ingredients from local farmers and markets. They have also transitioned to compostable and recyclable carryout products and packaging, along with vegetable trimmings being composted. Combining vegetarian cuisine and smart environmental practices, this Royal Oak restaurant is a great place to visit in 2019.