Tropical Pineapple Flavors To Savor

By: Carolyn Hall | June 20, 2024
imperial al pastor tacos with pineapple

Photo courtesy of Imperial

Metro Detroit is always brimming with culinary creativity, and when it comes to pineapple dishes and drinks, local eateries do not disappoint. This tropical fruit adds an unexpected sweetness and tang to meals and beverages, much to the delight of Metro Detroiters. From savory meals to refreshing beverages, these establishments bring the tropical flair to their menus in delightful ways. Let’s dive into some of the best pineapple-infused offerings in the area…


22828 Woodward Avenue, Ferndale

Imperial is a local favorite known for its flavorful dishes and casual vibe. Social Media Manager Johanna Medranda shares, “Imperial is somewhere you’ll always find a cold can of beer, enjoy a great whisky or tequila, and if you’re in the mood… LA street-style tacos and Sonoran hot dogs. We take pride in our ever-changing weekly and monthly specials, the fact that we are vegetarian and vegan friendly, and our ‘Working Class Outlaw’ staff who are the reason we are known for our cocktails, tacos, and all-around laid-back atmosphere.” Pineapple is a key ingredient on the cocktail menu, particularly in the Pineapple Margarita, which combines house-infused pineapple tequila, triple sec, and lime for a refreshing drink. Other cocktails include Surfer Rosa with tequila, rum, and Laird’s applejack, Smoke N’ Honey with a honey pineapple pink peppercorn syrup, and the Pacific Coast Mai Thai. The Early Bird mocktail also features this fruit among coconut and hibiscus notes. On the food side, the Al Pastor tacos feature this tropical treat with marinated pork and jalapeño onion relish, and the Bakersfield Sonoran is a bacon-wrapped hotdog topped with barbecue chicken, chipotle aioli, and queso fresco, and pineapple adding a sweet contrast to the savory meats and spicy sauces.

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pineapple margarita from imperial
Photo courtesy of Imperial


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

JJ’s Custard Company is renowned for its unique treats, like its injected ice cream cones, sweet buns, and more. “Committed to providing an excellent customer experience, JJ’s emphasizes great customer service and high-quality products,” shares Karim Kadouh, VP of Operations & Marketing. One of their standout offerings is the Pineapple Dole Whip, a vegan, non-dairy soft serve that’s incredibly popular. They also serve a Mangonada made with mango and Dole Whip, layered with Chamoy and Tajin, and topped with fresh mango pieces and a Tamarind stick. It’s a deliciously spicy-sweet treat that’s perfect for pineapple lovers. 

jj's custard company mangonada
Photo courtesy of JJ’s Custard Company


515 South Lafayette Avenue, Royal Oak

Saab Sis Thai brings the vibrant flavors of Thailand to Metro Detroit, with pineapple playing a starring role in several dishes at this family-run restaurant. The recipes dive rich into the Thai heritage, with recipes spanning generations. One sweet and sour menu selection is the Pad Prew Wann, a delicious stir-fry with cucumber, tomatoes, bell peppers, and pineapple. The Pineapple Fried Rice is a must-try, featuring fresh chicken, shrimp, vegetables, cashews, and a blend of Thai spices, all served in a pineapple shell. The pineapple adds a delightful sweetness that perfectly balances the savory elements of the dish.


201 East 9 Mile Road, Ferndale

51 West Forest, Detroit

Mezcal offers a range of dishes and refreshing cocktails featuring pineapple, perfect to enjoy on a warm day. “At Mezcal, we pride ourselves on offering authentic Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Our kitchen is constantly innovating to incorporate and showcase unexpected flavors, elevating the customer experience,” says Sandra Haro, co-owner of Mezcal. On the menu in Ferndale, you’ll find pineapple slices in the marinated pork (pastor) tacos adding a touch of sweetness and tangy to the savory meat, fresh pineapple in the Mezcal Salad, and a special pineapple sauce in the Mezcal Tacos, which also feature short rib steak and salsa borracha. In Midtown, you can indulge in a hamburger with marinated pork (pastor), topped with pineapple chunks, onion, and cilantro. Don’t forget about the many refreshing cocktails that feature pineapple nectar or juice such like the Pina Mula; a twist on the traditional Moscow Mule, made with mezcal, ginger beer, and lime juice.

mezcal flight of drinks
Photo courtesy of Mezcal


22275 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

Potato Pit & Juice Bar offers a refreshing take with its range of fresh juices and smoothies. The Double P Bowl is popular, with ashta topped with a mix of berries, pineapple, mango, almonds, and honey, as is the Pineapple Fruit Boat with half of a pineapple filled with a variety of deliciously fresh fruit. Check out the pineapple, pina colada, and pineapple mango smoothies or the freshly pressed juice for a refreshingly good drink to go. These are the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day.


22737 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn

House of Chimney Cakes in Dearborn takes dessert to the next level with its creative and delicious treats. Their Pineapple Dole Soft Serve is a popular choice, offering a fruity and refreshing option that’s vegan and dairy-free. “Fueled by our unyielding passion for sweet delights, we discovered the Chimney Cake – a Hungarian treasure steeped in centuries of tradition. In collaboration with a Michelin Chef from California, we reimagined this classic with a modern, playful flair,” shares owners Ali Abdallah and Liza Fardoun. You can enjoy the Dole Soft Serve in a Chimney Cake, the delightful pastry creation that’s a mix between a doughnut, croissant, and churro, with options of pineapple, strawberry, or a twist of the two. Choose to create your own Chimney Cake, filled with ice cream or dole whip, sauces, and a collection of toppings from candies to fresh fruit, or order Mamino’s Tropical Fruit Sundae, which is a delightful coconut Chimney Cone filled with Pineapple Dole Soft serve, fresh mango, strawberries, kiwi, and strawberry guava sauce. 

pineapple dole whip cups from house of chimney cakes
Photo courtesy of House of Chimney Cakes


Multiple locations in Metro Detroit

Taystee’s Burgers brings a unique twist to its already inventive halal burgers with its Hawaiian Burger. This juicy burger is topped with grilled pineapple, teriyaki sauce, grilled onions, and pepper Jack cheese, creating a delightful balance of sweet and savory flavors. It’s a tropical getaway in every bite. For something lighter, check out the Hawaiian Bowl, featuring shredded kale, grilled onions and pineapple, mixed cheese, teriyaki sauce, and your choice of protein, with options of grilled or crispy chicken, a beef patty, or a veggie patty for a vegetarian selection.


161 Vester Avenue, Ferndale

Belle’s Lounge by Valentine Distilling offers expertly crafted cocktails featuring their own spirits made at their distillery. “This summer stop by to enjoy a refreshing cocktail featuring our pineapple-infused Vodka. We take our world-famous vodka and infuse it with fresh pineapple (no fake stuff here!), then craft exquisite cocktails like our Old Hawaiian, partnered with our housemade Hellfire bitters, smoke-infused sweet vermouth, and lime. Or try our Coco Mirage jazzed up with Pineapple vodka. The sky’s the limit! Stop by today and enjoy a cocktail on our beautiful patio. See you soon!” invites General Manager Deborah Neighbors. For a tropical treat, try Wonderland, with lemon, orange, coconut cream, and ginger beer, or Painkiller with rum. For a mocktail mixing soda, ginger, pineapple, and lime, you’ll want Gingerella. 

old hawaiian cocktail from belle's lounge
Photo courtesy of Belle’s Lounge