Dogs and Cats Will Look Their Best with These Professional Groomers

By: Karen Dybis | May 13, 2021
Pet Groomers

Photo Courtesy of Canine to Five.

Liz Blondy is an entrepreneur, a small-business advocate and, most importantly, a pet lover. Blondy founded Canine to Five in 2005 and it has since expanded to multiple locations in Detroit and Ferndale. The dog daycare also offers boarding and grooming, helping pet owners take care of their faithful pooches at every major dog-life event. 

Spring is a great time to be a dog, but perhaps not a perfect time to own a dog. The family pet likely is running around in the warm temperatures, and that often means mud, muddy paws and a dirty coat. Plus, there is the need for regular nail trims, some ear care and everything else that goes with taking care of a dog that you love. Blondy says grooming a dog takes some time and is especially important during these spring and summer months. 

“We love spring time at Canine to Five, and getting dirty definitely seems like some dog’s favorite thing to do,” Blondy said. “Grooming is so important for a variety of reasons. It not only gets your dog clean and smelling great, it prevents their nails from becoming overgrown, their longer hair from getting too tangled or from shedding excessively.”

Finding a groomer that you trust as a pet owner is essential to making sure you as well as your dog feels comfortable before, during and after each appointment, Blondy said. 

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“Creating a relationship with your dog’s groomer is similar to creating one with your own hairdresser,” Blondy said. “Routinely visiting the same groomer will help your dog feel more comfortable and allow their stylist to get to know their quirks and preferences. When looking for a groomer, pet parents should make sure they can request the same groomer for every appointment, and that the groomer keeps detailed notes from each visit.”

The grooming process is something that dogs might not look forward to like their humans love getting a fresh haircut, Blondy said, but it is extremely important that they get the grooming they need in a timely and caring fashion. 

“Dogs love being smelly, so while they may not enjoy the suds and cologne, they certainly appreciate being tangle free and having their nails trimmed,” Blondy said. “Tangles can get pretty severe at times and cause major discomfort for our four-legged friends. When our groomers shave these spots out, it is super rewarding for both them and the dog.”

Nails are another area that can cause irritation for pups, Blondy added.

“If left too long, they can impact the way they walk and even grow into their paw pads,” Blondy said. “Keeping these short is greatly appreciated by all dogs – even if they act like touching them is the end of the world.”

Certain breeds also need special care, Blondy noted. Long-haired dogs like Yorkies, Goldendoodles, and Shih Tzus require daily brushing to keep them tangle free.

“Our salon routinely sees matted and pelted dogs that are simply not brushed enough, and the result is a very uncomfortable dog who needs to be shaved down completely,” Blondy said. “For Doodle owners especially, we highly recommend rotating between baths and haircuts every 4 weeks so a groomer can catch any tangles that may start to form.”

Here are a few other grooming salons around Metro Detroit that may be a good match for your favorite pet.

Sandy’s Dog Grooming Salon

St. Clair Shores residents are big fans of this local grooming salon, which feels more like a dog spa. Sandy’s Dog Grooming is known for focusing on giving dogs great grooming while also caring for the whole animal as well as the pet owners during their visits.


Grosse Pointe Pet Salon

There’s no shortage of places that want to groom your pet, and locals know that Grosse Pointe Woods with its Pet Salon has made every pooch look and feel good. Its services cover everything from nails to trims to ears. 

Lucky Dog Mobile Grooming Spa

If you cannot get to the groomer, sometimes the groomer is willing to come to you. Lucky’s is great if you have an older pet who has mobility issues or if you need a nervous dog to have a gentle touch that makes them feel safe and protected during the grooming process. 

Dani’s Dog Grooming

Warren’s favorite groomer definitely focuses on getting to know your pet and the owner getting to know the groomers. The services here are many and the groomers make a point of getting dogs to feel comfortable with washing, trimming and the like.