Neighborhood Spotlight: Detroit’s West Village

By: Aaron B. Cohen | July 9, 2021
Detroit's West Village - Neighborhood Spotlight

In recent years, Detroit’s West Village has become a foodie’s paradise. The up-and-coming neighborhood caters to every taste with creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit that defines our city. This week, we’re highlighting some of our favorite restaurants in this culinary epicenter.

Sister Pie

Sister Pie is what Detroit small business is all about. What started as a small Thanksgiving Day baking operation in 2012 has transformed into one of the city’s hottest bakeries. They begin with fresh, seasonal, local ingredients and integrate them into delicious sweet and savory pies. The business functions on a “triple bottom line” mission: people, planet, profit. In other words, they place emphasis not only on their own success but the success of their employees and the surrounding community. That’s something we can all get behind. 


As the name implies, Marrow is all about the meat. Along with an exceptional dine-in menu, the Kercheval destination features an artisan butcher shop showcasing prime cuts and cured meats from local providers. Despite the remarkable quality of their products, the butcher shop prices are comparable to your standard grocery store counter, reinforcing the sentiment of Detroit Free Press Chef of the Year Phil Jones that good, nutritious food can and should be affordable. 

The Red Hook

Along Agnes St. you’ll find some of the best coffee in the D. The chai latte is killer, as are the espresso-based beverages that keep caffeine lovers coming back to Detroit’s West Village again and again. If you’re hungry, try one of their legendary ginger molasses cookies or any of their fresh-made pastries. The Red Hook may be small in size, but they’re dealing in huge flavor.  

Detroit Vegan Soul

For those seeking clean, vegan options, Detroit Vegan Soul is as good as it gets. Delicious salads, meatless sandwiches and plant-based pastries highlight a menu that is dedicated, above all else, to providing the community with sustainability and longevity. In light of COVID-19, the dining room is currently closed, but you can still place pick-up orders online and safely enjoy the benefits of this health-forward cuisine.

Rose’s Fine Food and Wine

Bakery. Restaurant. Wine shop. Rose’s Fine Food and Wine will satisfy all your cravings in one shot. Along with a full menu, Rose’s features a full selection of bottles and unique local brews. Bread and wine delivery services are available via their various clubs, as are custom cakes to celebrate any occasion. It’s the perfect place to treat yourself or find the perfect gift for a loved one.