5 Breakfast Sandwiches You Can Only Get in Metro Detroit

By: Aaron B. Cohen | January 15, 2021
Breakfast Sandwiches - Iggy's Eggies

Photo courtesy of Iggy's Eggies.

Don’t skip breakfast. If you’ve given up on the possibility of a delicious start to your workday, you’re looking in the wrong places. These fine egg purveyors wake up before you do and will have a hot sandwich in your hand as fast as you can say “panini press.” Add some serious oomph to your morning commute with these ridiculously delicious breakfast sandwiches in Metro Detroit. 

Proving Grounds Coffee and Ice Cream

This month, Proving Grounds Coffee and Ice Cream will celebrate their first anniversary of its downtown Royal Oak location (its flagship is in Milford). Along with their small-batch, in-house roasted beans and local Browndog Creamery ice cream (Farmington, MI), the Washington Avenue newcomer offers a refined, southwestern take on the classic egg muffin setup. The Spicy Morning features a cracked egg, pepper jack cheese and crispy bacon pressed on a Crust Bakery (Fenton, MI) English muffin. What really defines the sandwich though, is the house-made, vegan chipotle mayo, which is made on-site daily. Add avocado for a cool, creamy pairing to the sauce’s kick.

New York Bagel

Just south of Woodward and Nine Mile, it’s hard to miss the bright yellow awning that, for years, has served as a beacon to the bagel-lovers of Metro Detroit. They offer dozens of classic deli sandwich combinations, but at a joint like this, you start with the classic: Egg bagel, lox, plain cream cheese, capers and onions. Add tomato and cucumber for an extra boost. If you’re looking to feed a crowd, order your bagels by the dozen, and add in a few tubs of their house-made flavored cream cheese. Be sure to get there early while the bagels are still hot, and remember to grab a treat for your dog.

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Iggy’s Eggies

While most restaurants begrudgingly transition to a takeout-only format, Iggy’s Eggies keeps on with their unique, no-frills take on breakfast. Located in the heart of Downtown Detroit, Iggy’s churns out simple, yet unique breakfast sandwiches exclusively from a walk-up window. At lunchtime you can enjoy grass-fed burgers, fried chicken sandwiches, and hand-cut fries, but as their namesake implies, they are in the business of superior breakfast sandwiches. “The Bodega” combines classic Americana comfort with a unique Detroit twist: griddled bologna, jammy-yolk egg, white cheddar, mayo and mustard on an onion roll. From this day forward, bologna is a breakfast meat.

Astro Coffee

Normally based out of their flagship Corktown location, Astro Coffee will spend the remaining winter months serving fresh coffee, espresso and pastries from their Grand River roastery.  Jessica Hicks and Daisuke Hughes, who also own neighboring Ochre Bakery, have curated a space that allows for socially distant ordering and an opportunity to enjoy the thoughtfully-crafted patio garden. Even in freezing temperatures, customers often consume their orders outside in this artfully curated eco-space. Simple yet nuanced, the breakfast sandwich reflects the minimalist aesthetic: an Ochre Bakery biscuit, whipped egg, and homemade garlic aioli. The biscuit is perfectly flaky. The egg, light and fluffy. The aioli melds the two into something greater than the sum of its parts.


At the corner of Eleven and Woodward, O.W.L. breathes modernity into the classic roadside countertop setup. They keep the grill burning 24 hours a day, cranking out Mexican-infused diner fare spanning from cheeseburgers and wings (Buffalo, dry rub, macha) to tacos and nachos. The seared ahi tuna avocado toast offers a delicious, luxurious addition to a menu that otherwise boasts simple, well-executed takes on Mexican breakfast staples. Their egg sandwiches – served on a sesame bun or brioche – feature various meat options, including their exceedingly popular habanero bacon and chorizo sausage.