Dine Among the Art: Metro Detroit Restaurants with Stunning Murals and Art Collections

By: Katie Goncalves | May 3, 2023
Unique artwork hanging inside Bobcat Bonnie's

Photo courtesy of Bobcat Bonnie's

The atmosphere inside a restaurant is a huge part of your dining experience. You know when the vibe is right and when the decor of a space is taken into account it can really elevate how you feel inside the restaurant. The same goes for artwork; carefully created and selected art makes for an immersive experience while you eat. There are many memorable and incredible restaurants showcasing fabulous artwork in Metro Detroit. These are the ones to check out.

Bobcat Bonnie’s

Corktown, Ferndale, Partridge Creek, Wyandotte, Ypsilanti

The artwork at Bobcat Bonnie’s is a mix of contemporary and vintage pieces that reflect the restaurant’s eclectic and fun vibe, with a mix of pop culture references and quirky pieces. “We strive to make our space stand out because we believe that creating a memorable meal starts with dining in a memorable space. Bobcat Bonnie’s has a hip and eclectic aesthetic with murals painted by artist Joey Salamon in every location.” In addition to the artwork, Bobcat Bonnie’s also has a great menu of comfort food with a modern twist, including items like fried chicken and waffles, and avocado toast.

colorful mural painted over brick wall of Bobcat Bonnie's
Each Bobcat Bonnie’s location features mural artwork by Joey Salamon

Flowers of Vietnam

4440 Vernor Highway, Detroit 

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The artwork at Flowers of Vietnam is inspired by the restaurant’s Vietnamese roots and the owner’s personal experiences in Vietnam. The main feature is a large mural of a Vietnamese woman with flowers in her hair, along with other colorful murals and art pieces throughout the space. The artwork is meant to create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere, reflecting the warmth and hospitality of Vietnamese culture. Flowers of Vietnam is known for its creative and flavorful Vietnamese dishes, such as whole fried prawns and papaya salad.

La Feria

4130 Cass Avenue, Detroit

La Feria’s artwork is inspired by the owner’s Spanish heritage and the rich culture of Spain. The space features colorful murals and paintings depicting scenes from Spanish life, such as bullfighting and flamenco dancing. Throughout the restaurant you’ll also notice a large collection of Spanish pottery and other decor items, creating a festive and authentic atmosphere. The menu at La Feria is focused on traditional Spanish tapas, including items like patatas bravas and Spanish omelets.

Artwork adorns the brick walls of La Feria


2929 East Grand Boulevard, Detroit

The artwork at Freya is inspired by Norse mythology. Freya, the namesake of the restaurant, is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, war, and gold. The space features a large mural of Freya, as well as other artwork and design elements that nod to Norse culture. The menu at Freya is focused on Nordic cuisine, with dishes like smoked salmon and dill cream cheese, and braised lamb shank. They also have a great cocktail program, with drinks inspired by Nordic ingredients and flavors.