Enjoy Yummy Mocktails During Dry January

By: Carolyn Hall | December 29, 2023
Summer drink, cocktail or mocktail with lychee, lime juice and ice, dark green background, bright hard light and shadow pattern - dry january

Dry January, a month-long commitment to abstain from alcohol, has become increasingly popular as a way to start the new year with a focus on health and wellness. This movement has sparked a growing interest in mocktails – non-alcoholic beverages that offer the complexity and enjoyment of traditional cocktails without the alcohol. From classic recipes with a twist to innovative new blends, these mocktails promise to refresh, delight, and add a splash of excitement to your dry January. These non-alcoholic beverages are more than just substitutes for their spirited counterparts; they are a celebration of flavor, creativity, and the art of mixology.


2929 East Grand Boulevard, Detroit

Dragonfly is inspired by seaside bodegas in southern Spain, offering non-alcoholic selections along with house-made non-alcoholic spirits, low-alcohol options, and traditional cocktails. Dragonfly currently has four mocktails available: Naranja Picante, house-made white wine, Blueberry Haze, and Espresso Martini. Naranja Picante is a spicy Thai tea, passionfruit, and mustard maple, while the house-made white wine has flavors of apple, lavender, thyme, lemon peel, and spruce tips. The Blueberry Haze is coffee, Lapsang tea, blueberry, lemon, and soda. The espresso martini features house-made non-alcoholic Cynar, coffee, and demerara.

Silverado by lighthouse

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naranja picante mocktail from dragonfly
Photo courtesy of Dragonfly


33 John R Street, Detroit

Situated in the penthouse of the Metropolitan Building, The Monarch Club is renowned not only for its rooftop views but also for its selection of mocktails. At this cocktail bar, you’ll find mocktails like the St. Croix Crush, which is a tropical, fruity, and tart beverage. This item is made with pineapple, soda, lime, vanilla, cola syrup, and cream. Another mocktail to choose from is the Root Chakra, made with lemon, ginger, lavender, and tonic, offering hints of citrus, spice, and florals. 


47 Watson Street, Detroit

Named after the most notorious rum-running pirate on the Detroit River during the Prohibition era, Grey Ghost has a refined cocktail menu amongst its crafted plates. One of the mocktails to try this dry January is Cola de Jamaica. This beverage has hints of lime and hibiscus honey amongst orange and Coca-Cola. Rule No. 1 also has orange notes, along with blueberry, Calpico, and lime. For the Faygo fans, Grey Ghost offers a house Rock & Rye, made with cherry, vanilla, cinnamon, and soda. For a more refreshing mocktail, Spa Water is made with cucumber, mint, honeydew, and lime soda. Finally, Back on Earth consists of early grey, grapefruit, honey, pineapple, demerara, lemon, and lavender cream. 


13214 Michigan Avenue, Dearborn 

M Cantina specializes in gourmet street food, representing flavors from central Mexico. Mocktails here are non-alcoholic versions of classics like caipirinhas, margaritas, and mojitos. You can order the classics, or choose to add in your favorite flavors, like passion fruit, pomegranate, jalapeno, and more. Specialty mocktails made by Executive Chef Junior Merino, also known as The Liquid Chef, include the Coco Loco and Na Cubico. Coco Loco is made with grilled pineapple, lemon, coconut water, and coconut. Na Cubico has flavors of lemon, vanilla, and grilled orange. 

caipirinhas from M Cantina - dry january
Photo courtesy of M Cantina


3980 2nd Avenue, Detroit

This Midtown bar specializes in experimental craft cocktails and focuses on the harmony between flavor and fragrance, pairing each with signature fragrances from Sfumato, offering a unique sensory experience​​​​. Mocktails to try this dry January include Spun Out Of Control, with notes of ginger and pine, Shame Of Shere Kahn, made with cold brew coffee and raspberry, Wolf Like Me, with pan mai tea and clove, and Check The Fine Print, which includes cayenne pepper and nori. Castalia has as many mocktail options as it does cocktails, so there is certainly a beverage everyone will enjoy.


1266 Michigan Avenue, Detroit

“Brooklyn Street Local is a cozy, neighborhood breakfast and lunch spot located in Detroit’s historic Corktown. We source local and organic ingredients and have lots of N/A beverage options including classic Faygo flavors, Vernors, and a full espresso bar. Stop by for breakfast, lunch, or brunch or order catering for your next event,” shares co-owner Deveri Gifford. Mocktail choices at Brooklyn Street Local include a Virgin Mary, with a spicy and pickley virgin bloody Mary mix from McClure’s, and the Brooklyn Street Sunrise with orange juice, soda water, grenadine, and citrus. 

brooklyn street sunrise mocktail by brooklyn street local
Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Street Local


1500 Woodward Avenue, Detroit

Located in Downtown Detroit, Wright & Company offers a variety of mocktails along with the panoramic views of Woodward. Some of the mocktails you should try include the Foxhound, Garden Party, Palm Grove, and the Oxford Comma. The Foxhound is made with Seedlip Spice, orange juice, honey, and non-alcoholic old-fashioned bitters. The Oxford Comma also has old-fashioned bitters, but it features cold brew coffee and toasted coconut as well. Garden Party offers flavors of lime, grapefruit, and red bell pepper among Seedlip Garden. Palm Grove offers a more tropical vibe with toasted coconut, pineapple, lime, passion fruit, and Seedlip Grove. 


1 Peabody Street, Birmingham

Co-owner and Chef Emmele Herrold crafted the restaurant’s mainstay mocktail list. Non-alcoholic drink options have always been on the menu at Hazel’s – and that’s inspired in part by Emmele’s mother, who doesn’t drink alcohol, we’re told. “My mother would always say, ‘I would love it if I could order an adult drink that feels like something special,’” she recalled. “Whether you’re sober, don’t drink, or just don’t feel like drinking alcohol, there should be options that feel special.” Beth Hussey, co-owner, agreed. She said mocktails can be paired with foods just like cocktails, wine, or beer. And they can taste just as good, too. The co-owners know how to craft an interesting drink – so it’s not a fruity or sugary cocktail substitute.

Hazel’s mocktail list includes June & Tonic, made with juniper, cucumber, mint, and lime, Salty Puppy, with grapefruit and elderflower, Grapey Grape, consisting of a grape and ginger ale infusion mixed with orange juice, and Hazel Basil, a highly carbonated soda mixed with fresh basil, lavender syrup, and a honey shrub. The latest addition is a Hot Mockarita, and it’s a great escape from the winter chill. It’s made with fresh jalapenos, CleanCo, a non-alcoholic tequila alternative, fresh pineapple juice, agave, and fresh-squeezed lemon and lime juices. “CleanCo spirits allowed us to make a margarita without alcohol that makes sense,” said Herrold. “Because the drink has so few ingredients, you aren’t left with just juices. It opens up a whole world for mocktails.” Hussey said: “CleanCo is made in the same way as regular spirits – just without alcohol. It allows us to make drinks that are consistent and repeatable.” With these options, dry January certainly doesn’t have to mean boring beverages!

hot mockarita from hazel's by beth hussey (co-owner) - dry january
Photo courtesy of Beth Hussey


241 West Nine Mile Road, Ferndale

When you’re visiting Public House for brunch, check out the mocktails on the menu. Located in Ferndale, they offer mocktails like the Florence and Rubus, with the option to add alcohol if desired​​. The Florence beverage is a delicious strawberry lavender lemonade. Rubus on the other hand is made with blackberries, lime, and basil. Pair one of these mocktails with some French toast or scramble and enjoy your yummy brunch!