Neighborhood Spotlight: Downtown Clawson

By: Aaron B. Cohen | March 30, 2021
Neighborhood Spotlight: Downtown Clawson

A 1948 Chevrolet pick up truck provides a focal point inside Leon and Lulu in Clawson. Photo courtesy of Leon and Lulu.

Just a few miles north of downtown Royal Oak, downtown Clawson (centered around Main Street and 14 Mile) stakes its claim as another premier entertainment destination in Metro Detroit. From upscale dining to trendy furniture and gifts, Clawson packs a whole lot within its two square miles.

Clawson Steak House

Since 1958, Clawson Steak House has been an institution in local dining. It’s an old-school joint where things are done the way they’ve always been. Known best for their steaks and chops (especially the 30-ounce porterhouse), they also serve up exceptional seafood, juicy burgers, and a mean lobster bisque. With a full-sized dance floor and live music on the weekends (safety permitting), there’s something inherently celebratory about the restaurant’s energy. Clawson Steak House is where you go when you’re looking for guaranteed quality.

Leon and Lulu

Right at the heart of Clawson’s recent development, Leon and Lulu provides locals with a curated warehouse full of all things aesthetically pleasing. There’s the little stuff: candles, coffee table books, stationery and any clever, tongue-in-cheek gift you could think of. Then there’s the bigger stuff: designer furniture, unique home décor, women’s clothing. Whether you’re looking for the perfect birthday card or intent on redecorating your entire home, Leon and Lulu’s talented staff will guide you to the peak of your own personal expression.


In the early 1800s, a cider mill and sawmill marked two corners of the 14 Mile and Livernois intersection. The pum-a-chug, pum-a-chug sound of the mills ultimately inspired Clawson’s earliest nickname, and now, its newest gastropub’s namesake. Pumachug features shareable apps, vegan options and wood-fired pizzas, along with craft cocktails and Michigan beers on tap. Perfect for a night out with friends or a mid-week family dinner.

Noble Fish

Sure, Noble Fish forgoes the glitz and glamour that often comes standard with Japanese dining. But that’s because they’re focused on one thing and one thing only – incredible quality. Noble Fish isn’t just a sushi restaurant, it’s a Japanese market with an incredible selection of unique products and elite cuts of fish. The sushi bar serves as a window into the type of quality you can expect from all of their products and provides an incentive to take the road less traveled when it comes to grocery shopping.

Flipside Records

Since 1980, Flipside Records has provided the soundtrack to Clawson life. Specializing in used and new vinyl, but also featuring a huge selection of collectibles, electronics and video games, you need look no further than 14 and Main for all of your entertainment necessities. The staff boasts a combined 80+ years of record-collecting experience and are eager to help expand your repertoire or help get it off your hands!