Grab a Spot of Tea in the D

By: Karen Dybis | January 9, 2019
Pouring hot tea into white ceramic tea cup the time of tea break.

It’s tea time! The weather is perfect to take a mini break from coffee and instead enjoy the health benefits from drinking tea. You may want to detox from the holidays or just start your day with a mood stabilizer in a cup, whatever the reason you drink tea it’s good to know where the best places are in the and around the D.

Crazy Wisdom Bookstore & Tea Room
Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
They are serving up more than just tea. But the tea they do serve, is quality. This is a place where you can cuddle up in the corner of the Tea Room with your favorite book.  Tea drinkers can get lost in a diverse world of cultures from around the world.

Boston Tea Room
Ferndale, MI 48820
This is not just a tea room. Yes, you can grab some tea but this is also a place to get one-on-one tarot card readings. The Boston Tea Room has been around for decades and has been mentioned as “The Best of Detroit” in the Metro Times.

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Eli Tea Bar
Specializing in loose leaf teas, this modern day tea cafe’ is perfect for new and traditional tea lovers. They serve up each cup of tea making sure they are meeting all of their customers needs. With over 100 teas to choose form in their collection, every customer can find what they desire.

Spice Merchants
Ann Arbor, MI
With 6 locations in Michigan, two of them them being  in Ann Arbor and Northville, this is not your traditional Tea Room. Here at Spice Merchants, the names speaks for itself. With your cup of tea or tea to go, there are also spices and gifts available for purchase.  Everything from Hot Cocoa to organic teas for every kind of tea lover.

Fraser Tea
Livonia, MI
Everything here is organically handmade with fresh ingredients. The founders of Fraser Tea even sell the tea accessories for customers to make the perfect cup at home.  Customers that are looking for wellness benefits from their tea or maybe a signature blend will not be disappointed with the collection at Fraser Tea.