Maurice Salad is a Michigan classic

By: Katie Goncalves | February 20, 2023
Maurice Salad from Hudson Cafe

Maurice Salad from Hudson Cafe

When you picture a perfect salad, what comes to mind? For many, it starts with crisp iceberg lettuce; the perfect, almost-neutral base for adding bold and flavorful ingredients. Then, you add the toppings—the stars of any salad. Julienned ham and turkey, Swiss cheese, and sliced gherkin pickles are scattered over the top like delicious confetti. And finally the dressing. A slightly sweet, mayonnaise-based dressing generously drizzled over the top to accompany the flavors. This delightful combination of ingredients is best known as the Maurice Salad.

You may have heard of the Maurice salad as being a long-time Detroit area staple with roots tied to the J.L. Hudson department stores. For a long time, it was common to take a day to do your shopping at Hudson’s, grab a bite to eat at some point, and continue with your purchases. The Maurice salad was an incredibly popular menu item. But the bottles of dressing were flying off the shelves and sometimes it was hard to keep it stocked. 

Sadly for Detroiters, the origin of the Maurice salad is not actually rooted in the city. While the exact start of the Maurice salad isn’t crystal clear, it’s been reported that it was first created by French chef P.A. Maurice who worked at the Netherland Plaza in New York City in the early 20th century. In an alternate story, it’s said that a man named Maurice walked into the William Penn Hotel in Pittsburg and asked for a salad with turkey, ham, swiss, eggs, tomatoes, and a mayo dressing. While either story seems plausible, Detroit can still have ownership over the popularity of the salad as it is still served in many restaurants across Metro Detroit to this day. 

The Maurice salad has certainly stood the test of time in the area. Over the years, places have added their own spin to the salad by tossing in hard-boiled eggs, cucumbers, or green olives. If you’re hoping to grab a Maurice salad sometime soon, be sure to check out these amazing restaurants serving it up: 

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The Hudson Cafe, across from the site of the J.L. Hudson building downtown serves the classic Maurice salad under the name Hudson. 

7Greens serves up a slightly elevated version of the Maurice they call the “Maurice Who?” which includes a romaine and spinach base, hard-boiled egg, green onions, parmesan crisps, roasted chicken, and bacon. 

ZZ Market & Grill stays true to the classic Maurice salad recipe.

Dish Detroit adds just a touch of red onion to their classic Maurice salad.

The Continental at the Ford House in Grosse Pointe Shores has a classic Maurice salad with green olives on all of their menus.

Christoff’s Restaurant in Woodhaven adds American cheese and hard-boiled egg to their Maurice salad.

Stage Deli in West Bloomfield has the classic Maurice on the menu but consider taking it to the next level by requesting it to be chopped.
Jennifer’s Cafe in Commerce Township is known for its Maurice salad which is served with just a few red onions.