Mind-Blowing Dessert In The D

By: Karen Dybis | March 21, 2022

With so many world-class restaurants feeding people savory masterpieces, it makes sense that Metro Detroit and Detroit, specifically, would have equally good dessert places. And, indeed, the dessert territory for bakeries, patisseries and specialty treats is vast, so you’ll have to try them all to get a good sense of what sugary wonderfulness awaits you. 

Let’s just say that the prestigious James Beard Foundation recently recognized some of Detroit’s best pastry chefs and bakers, including Warda Patisserie, in its most recent round of nominations. That means that Detroit’s dessert prowess is being recognized and is growing in reputation with every donut, croissant, Napoleon and ice-cream scoop being served.


If you love chocolate, then you can find master chocolatiers working to make perfect little bites for you and your family. If you are a vegetarian or vegan, there are dessert chefs that specialize in making sweet treats for you and yours. If you want something that borders on savory or has unique ingredients, there are chefs who are experimenting daily with new forms and techniques. In other words, it’s a great time to have a sweet tooth in Detroit. 

Be sure to ask about what the background of the chefs are as well–Detroit has lured international talent. Experience one or them all, and you’ll be happy to have that great last bite to enjoy when your night is winding down.

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Here are five Metro Detroit bakeries and sweet shops you must try if you want to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

For the Love of Sugar

Brush Park is the home to this local favorite, which serves everything from macarons to mouth-watering cookies. For the Love of Sugar specializes in baking and preparing the tastiest treats, good for any occasion or special event. Its menu includes signature cakes such as the Rainbow Fruity Cereal Cake and the Triple Berry Vanilla Bean Cake to its many beloved macaron flavors, including crème brulee, pistachio, lavender and honey, and Nutella. 


Baker Matt Knio has created a buzz (should we say sugar buzz?) among foodies all around Metro Detroit with his patisserie. The Detroit-based bakery fuzes the best of Knio’s French pastry knowledge with his love of Detroit, whipping up every possible dessert and displaying them with style and flair. His breads, including the focaccia and ciabatta, are light and airy. His pastries are just as good with surprising flavor combinations that are both sweet, like raisins and cream, as well as savory, such as feta tomato basil.

Bon Bon Bon

They say good things come in small packages, and good desserts definitely come in Bon Bon Bon packages. Fans of this longtime chocolate shop say the best kinds of desserts are handmade and hand-packaged in Detroit, Michigan. This is chocolate for the people, and there are so many Detroit-centric flavors on its menu that you have to try them all. You can have a box made for yourself, for your vegan friend and for yourself again. 

Good Cakes and Bakes

April Anderson makes the best cupcakes in Detroit. You only need to travel to her bakery on the Avenue of Fashion, also known as Livernois, to know the truth. Her butter cake is legendary, her ice cream is sensational and her customer service is second to none. Her community involvement also is of note, and she has served some of the most important world leaders as well as she built up her business. 

Huddle Soft Serve

This little custard shop that is known as a “hole in the wall” may not seem like the first place you’d think of for dessert among so many other champs around Detroit. But its soft serve is like no other: Decadent, velvety, perfect. It also offers donut holes and coffee when they work with Yellow Light for special events, so check those out as well.