Avoid the Winter Blues with These Tips

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | December 11, 2019
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Photo Courtesy of Bath Savvy Naturals.

We like to highlight all of the fun activities and events every season has to offer; in the winter that can include skiing, ice skating, and even indoor recreational leagues. One of the challenging aspects of the current winter season, however, is the toll the weather can have on you both mentally and physically. There are plenty of great self-care tips that can be achieved with meditation and different types of therapy, but there are also simple things you can do every day to combat those winter blues. 


It’s no secret that the colder months of the year are particularly hard on your skin, so it’s incredibly important to consistently moisturize your body routinely. It’s also important to try to use natural products to improve your skin microbiome, which in turn can positively  affect your mood and metabolism. Be sure to check this list of local businesses that offer organic skincare and moisturizers that will keep your skin hydrated throughout the dry winter.

Get Sun

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Much like keeping your skin moisturized, getting outside in the sun can have positive effects on your mood and overall health. Many winter days can be gray and gloomy, but getting outside in fresh air can help clear your mind and getting sun when you can, helps to improve your vitamin D levels. It doesn’t have to be anything extraneous like skiing or ice skating, just a simple walk around the neighborhood can do wonders for your health.

Work Out

While going for a simple walk before or after work can clear your mind, it is important to stick to an exercise schedule. It’s easy to just stay on the couch when the weather gets harsh, but committing to an exercise routine during the winter keeps your metabolism working as it should be. Even light workouts can be beneficial, but if you’re looking to join a class, check out these local gyms.

Manage Stress

We don’t need a reminder that the holiday season can be stressful, but the fact is that it can be overwhelming, and managing that stress is important. Stress can have numerous unwanted physical effects, so it is important to take time out of your schedule to do what you enjoy, be flexible with your schedule, and embrace mindfulness. Meditation is also a big help, here are a couple of local places where you can start meditating.


Yoga is a perfect way of getting exercise and managing stress during the winter months. It allows you to disconnect from the bustle of the holiday season, stretch your muscles, and provides time for some self-reflection. There are numerous yoga studios throughout Metro Detroit that can help you find some zen this holiday season!