Local Therapies to Help you Get to Sleep

By: Metro Detroit Chevy Dealers | October 2, 2020
Local Sleep Therapy

Sleep. It’s something every human being needs to stay healthy and alert. For some, sleep comes naturally without any issues. For others, it can be a constant struggle to just fall asleep, let alone stay asleep.

Used in accordance with proper dosages and advice from your doctor, prescribed and over-the-counter sleep medications can be an effective treatment when sleep seems out of reach. But, if those remedies are not working for you or you want to try something new, read on for some alternative sleep therapies in Metro Detroit that can help you get some much-needed rest.

Red Light Therapy

While most people use red light therapy as a form of skin treatment or muscle repair, it has also been shown to improve sleep in some people. The best use case for improving sleep with red light therapy is for people, such as athletes and weightlifters, that put a lot of strain on their muscles on a regular basis. That strain can cause enough soreness that impedes a person’s ability to fall asleep comfortably. Red light therapy helps with muscle repair, reducing muscle soreness and therefore aiding in comfortability when trying to sleep.

There are a few places in southeast Michigan that offer red light therapy, such as Novo Michigan, Affinity Day Spa & Salon and Red Effect Infrared Fitness.


As with red light therapy, cryotherapy is also used by athletes for pain management, injury treatment and muscle healing. The benefits of these treatments can lead to better sleep, as well. Those who have what is called “secondary insomnia” are unable to fall asleep usually due to chronic pain. Cryotherapy can help to alleviate that pain through cold air treatment.

If you’re looking for local centers that provide cryotherapy, there is Cryospa Detroit, Live Cryo, Cryobalance and more.

Sleep Clinics

If you’re looking to diagnose what is causing your insomnia or inability to feel rested, seeking out a sleep specialist is a good idea. They will likely suggest that you come in for a sleep study, an overnight process where they will monitor your body while you sleep. They will be able to determine things like how quickly you are able to fall asleep, how long you REM sleep lasts for you and more.

It’s truly eye-opening (no pun intended) what can be learned from a sleep study. People who think they are sleeping “just fine,” may come to find out that there are improvements they can make that will greatly improve their quality of sleep, giving them more energy, a greater sense of alertness and improving productivity.

You should consult with your doctor for a good sleep clinic recommendation, but a few places in Metro Detroit include Cambridge Dental Group and Michigan Sleep Therapy, both of which specialize in diagnosing and treating snoring and sleep apnea.

Aromatherapy, Teas & More

While the aforementioned therapies and treatments are good solutions for treating sleeping disorders, if you’d like to try some at-home remedies, there are several great stores to check out.

Urbanum in Detroit sells aromatherapy products, such as smelling salts, that can help a person relax and fall asleep, and Rendezvous with Tea in Grosse Pointe Woods, as the name suggests, sells all manner of tea leaves for any mood. If sleep is on your mind, ask for recommendations on chamomile, valerian root or lavender tea leaves.